Refund, Exchange and Cancellation Policies

Management Specialties is a web services company providing website design, development, maintenance, hosting, e-commerce and domain management. Our policies for refunds, exchanges and cancellation are listed below.

  1. Refunds:
  2. Exchange:
    • Website Development Services - cannot be exchanged.
    • Web Hosting - cannot be exchanged.
    • Domain Registration - cannot be exchanged.
  3. Cancellation:
    • Website Development Services - You must notify us via email with your intentions to cancel web development services. You will be responsible for any services rendered to that point, including both billed and unbilled. In the event the services are for a flat rate project, the full amount of the project remains payable to us.
    • Web Hosting - You agree that until and unless you notify us of your desire to cancel any or all services 90 days prior to renewal via email, those services will be billed on a recurring basis.
    • Domain Registration - You may cancel your domain name anytime prior to 90 days of renewal. If your cancellation request is submitted more than 90 days prior to renewal via email, the domain will be allowed to expire on its renewal date. If you wish to cancel within 90 days of renewal via email, you will still be responsible for the renewal fee for a one year term.
  4. Taxes:
    • You are responsible for any local and state taxes related to our services.